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Meet Your Professional Third Wheel

Your story never lie. It is the most beautiful thing ever happened to you. It makes you who you are right now. Then here comes your love one, completing your flaws, be there when u screwed, there when things are perfect. 

Then here comes Me!! Call me Rio :D a guy with a heart and soul to capture a glimpse of those love story of yours. I always get amazed with beautiful love stories, how you guys make it into this stage with those wonderful ups and downs. A little secret, too many times, I get too emotional behind my lens and during editing. Yes I did cry, Yes I did rolled on the floor laughing so hard :D We can’t fake it, I can’t fake it. Let’s capture those genuine perfect imperfection. 

“Alright Rio, enough of your melancholic side. We get you mate! Now really tell us about yourself.” LOL

Creating art, buying new gears, exploring new places, music, making new friends, those are few things that wake me up everyday (beside 2 shots of iced Americano). Recently back into CrossFit Yeah!! (Gotta be Fit for a mountain hike photoshoot Yow!). Just a small town boy really, with a dream to create a Living photograph, that is Genuine, Timeless and Beyond Expectation. I was 7 years in Melbourne #2ndhome , where I finally discovered my true life passion in creating Art. 

I believe when it comes in creating “Amazing Photograph”, it isn’t solely my job. Not all my own thought, not all my own eyes. I am not a story maker and I don’t create fairy tale. It’s really about you, your story and those butterflies in your stomach. Let’s discuss, let’s prepare, plan, sweat and laugh together. It is OUR project. Tell me your story, what’s so you, what you two enjoy doing together, your ups & downs, and let’s create an extraordinary masterpiece out of them. 

Let’s get Lost, Let’s get Messy, Make it happen! :D



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